NYC: Rally Against New CUNY Budget CUTS!


Another Budget Cut to higher education?! NOT THIS TIME!!

Tuesday, 17th November 2009

12:35 – 15:35

The City College of New York (NAC building)
138 Street and Amsterdam/ Convent Ave
New York, NY
See map


Gov. Paterson is not looking out for students
And it shows in the most recent proposed
Cuts to CUNY.

Why should we have to suffer for a deficit we didn’t create?
Wall Street gets BILLIONS and we don’t even get scraps.

Adding insult to injury, on top of the recent tuition hike, the proposed budget will cut:
• $178 Million from NY Higher Education.
• $90 Million from the SUNY Budget.
• $53 Million from the CUNY budget.
• And if that wasn’t enough for you, they are also cutting $35.5 Million from the NYS Higher Edu. Corp which funds TAP.

How this affects us:
• For one, we will see cuts to our student services.
• Larger Class Sizes, as if they weren’t big enough already.
• Less classes being offered. (Good luck getting into the class you want during registration.)
• Massive layoffs of faculty and staff which we already have a deficit of.

So come out Nov 17th to the CCNY campus at 12:30pm, the NAC building, as we rally against these proposed budget cuts. We the students, staff, and community can’t afford another cut to our education. Lets sent a clear message to Paterson and all those cronies in government that we (the people) are too big to fail, not the banks.

Education is a right, Fight, Fight, Fight!!!


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