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That’s right. Done. Kaput. Finished. Over. CANCELLED! After three months of getting the word out and letting people know that a group of politically connected white supremacists were planning to meet this weekend, American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor threw in the towel, effectively cancelling the American Renaissance Conference 2010. Of course this comes after losing yet another hotel. Taylor and the other organizers thought that they would be able to keep the location under wraps until 48 hours before the conference, to discourage protesters from organizing, a “fool-proof plan” to hear them explain it. Memo to Jared Taylor: Antifa are not fools, and to think otherwise makes you one. People from all over the country went into overdrive trying to find out where this conference was and the effort simply paid off. It didn’t help matters much that in the midst of all of this we broke the story about how ACORN videographer James O’Keefe attended a white supremacist forum with Jared Taylor on the panel, because the traffic coming from that also meant people were going to learn more about Taylor and is current activities. That meant the opposition went viral! This has never happened before. This was once a conference that you could watch on C-SPAN. Now you would be lucky if it even happens! We want to thank everyone that stayed on top of this and helped make this happen. As for the other side – those who support Taylor and this conference, especially those who were going, they will continue down their psychopathic roads, regardless of how detrimental it is to them. As Taylor should know by now, there’s a lot of people who are willing to be that detriment, and unlike Taylor, we don’t apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!

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Shut Down AmRen: Antifa Hooligans Converge February 20th

Anti-fa demo against American Renaissance on February 20th It’s being called by the self-described anarchist collective. /// selfdescribed.org

“On February 20th we are converging as an antifa bloc we are there to send a clear message to these scum that white nationalism is not welcomed in the DC area —- February 20th: Oppose Racist Conference in the DC area. —- On February 19th 21st right wing extremist are gathering in Manassas, VA. SDAC & Company will be there to oppose it. For the last several months SDAC has been in hot pursuits of the American Renascence. Weve chased them from hotel to hotel and sent out hundreds of invitations to friends to participate in the struggle against these racist scum. This year weve been the biggest headache for Jason Taylor, we intend to keep it this way, by asking our same friends and allies to come out and send a clear message to these assholes.

On February 20th we are converging as an antifa bloc we are there to send a clear message to these scum that white nationalism is not welcomed in the DC area.”

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