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New York mayor’s disregard for kids forces strike

Students, with no bus available, take taxis. Mark Lennihan/AP

Students, with no bus available, take taxis. Mark Lennihan/AP

by: Mark Gruenberg

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s threat to kids’ safety while riding school buses – by putting the school bus driving company contract up for the cheapest bidder – forced some 8,000 drivers, mechanics and school bus matrons to strike on Jan. 16.  Continue reading

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Are White Groups Inherently Racist?

via Free Speech TV

What are your thoughts on the Townsend University student in Maryland who wants to form a White Student Union on campus?

Townsend administrators and student government officials are walking a fine line between students’ First Amendment rights and avoiding what many are calling outright racism.


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Anti-racists turn up the heat at UCSD

Chuck Stemke and Tony Perez report on the latest round of angry protest over a series of racist incidents at the University of California San Diego.

A NOOSE hung to intimidate African-American students at the University of California San Diego (UCSD)–the latest in a series of outrageous racist incidents–has spurred new activism ahead of a day of protests, strikes and other actions against budget cuts on March 4.

When the noose was found February 26 in UCSD’s Geisel Library, Black students and their allies at UCSD had already been involved in more than a week of demonstrations following a racist “party” held by a fraternity.

In response to the discovery of the noose, students converged on the administration building, and 150 occupied UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox’s office as faculty guarded the perimeter. About 500 to 600 students maintained a presence around the office for the duration of the day.

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