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Outsourcing Blame: A History of Right Wing Thought

Immigrant workers targetted by rightwing paranoias

Kasama extracted the following from a longer essay sent to us from a team who produces Maoist Rebel News.

The Need of the Right Wing to Blame outside Forces Socially

If there is ever one characteristic that truly defines the mindset of the capitalist/right-winger, it is this one. Because this group possesses such an intense need to promote themselves as a superior form of life over that of the regular person, they are seemingly in capable of performing any kind of self analysis. Because of their own sense of self-superiority, they are incapable of admitting they themselves can make a mistake or create a system of operation with contradiction. With such a profound intellect beyond that of the common masses, they could not have possibly erred, and thus any failure or crisis must rest in the hands of some evil invading influence. This means no internal analysis or self-criticism is required. Continue reading

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Hollman Morris, Colombian Journalist, Says Patriot Act Visa Rejection for “Terrorist” Activities “Puts My Life in Danger”

by Max Schoening and Matt Sledge

A Colombian journalist who was recently denied a visa to study under Harvard University’s Nieman Fellowship program says the State Department’s decision may put his life under further threat. Hollman Morris, an investigative television producer who has denounced abuses by leftist guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries and the Colombian army in the country’s decades-long internal conflict, was denied a student visa in late June. The denial reportedly came under a provision of the Patriot Act that makes foreigners suspected of “terrorist activities” ineligible for admission to the U.S.. Continue reading

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