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Born In A Cent: Album up for Free (Donation Basis) Download

Hey y’all,

We just put up our album, “Who Called This Beautiful?” for donation based download. If you can throw us some bills that’d be awesome but if you can’t, you can still download the record for free! Continue reading

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The Rags – “A National Light”

In recent times, music, rock music in particular, has tended to be void of political or anti-establishment sentiments, a trend that worryingly found prominence in Ireland. Continue reading

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New mixtape: “Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz” Mixtape by Dead Prez & DJ Drama

By: Money Miz

“Far From Over” by Dead Prez

This mixtape is exactly what the game needs right now! What ever happened to Hip Hop music which opened the discussion about societal struggles, government issues, uplifting communities and families, rebuilding Hip Hop culture, and speaking on more than just drugs, guns, hoes, and money? Even many underground emcees have left this kind of content out of their music and aspire to be just like the mainstream artists that they used to despise. What the fuck??? Where’s the balance in Hip Hop? For every trapper, baller, pimp, and gangsta, there should be a Dead Prez activist type emcee to offset them. Granted, I love all types of Hip Hop. I just miss this kind right here. This shit is a must download!!! Continue reading

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