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The DC blackouts and global warming: The whole planet contributes to global warming, but the world’s poor are facing the consequences

By Dean Baker

Millions of people across the US East Coast are sweltering in near record temperatures. In the Washington area, tens of thousands have been dealing with the heat without air conditioning or power due to a storm the prior weekend. The remarkable part of this story is that almost no one is talking about global warming. Continue reading

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“Burn Confederate Flag Day”

Join the “Burn Confederate Flag Day” Movement at a 9/12 T-Bag Party!

Jesus General is one of our favorite bloggers! And he has a great idea to start fun filled opposition to the nasty t-baggers when they have their obnoxious 9/12 t-baggery event.

Burn The Confederate Flag Day

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Buh Bye CTP

The word is getting out about this stupid band. Dingbatz has taken Call the Paramedics off the July 22nd bill. This is the third cancellation in as many days.

Only Philadelphia and Virginia Beach remain. We will keep you posted on further developments.

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