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If you know anything about the scene in russia you know that antifa out there fight a hard fight against the boneheads there, some situations costing their lives. So when they go out they have to fight as hard as they are fought. Two months ago, when they came out to oppose the development of Khimki Forest outside Moscow, there was a lot of hell being raised and two of them, Alexi Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov, were arrested. A call was put out for all of us to support them as they are facing seven years in prison for disorderly conduct. In addition, the law out there are trying to crackdown on those opposed to the developers out there, and that has included, according to people on the ground, having Nazi boneheads fight them. If that’s the game being played, then we have no problem helping the crew out there.

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Russia: “No Surrender!” Fighting Tournament for Anti-Fascists

In October 2010 the Third International Mix fight Tournament “No surrender!” will take place among antifascists of Europe. The tournament, is organized, spearheaded by, and involving active antifascists from Eastern Europe. It traditionally gathers sportsmen and viewers from different cities and countries, that have a clear antifascist approach to life. Continue reading

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Extreme right fans attacked the anti-fascist fans of FC “Karelia-Discovery” right during the match

A mass fight occurred in Pushkin during the final match of the Cup of the North-West region between the teams “Discovery – Karelia” (Petrozavodsk) – “Phosphorit (Kingisepp).On the 45 th minute an organized group of people with hidden faces burst into the stadium and attacked a group of Karelian supporters. A few minutes earlier, police officers, using service guns, prevented the penetration of the gang near the entrance, but those have passed through the other gates of the stadium and went to a distant sector, right through the numerous spectators, whom was about 600 that evening. At the same time none of the Kingisepp supporters, managers of the teams, or representatives of the MPO “North-West”, Football Federation , St. Petersburg’s and Leningrad region’s teams were affected. Continue reading

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