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The White Power Movement on the West Coast

What It Is, And How We Can Respond

Saturday, April 24, 7PM-9PM
First Unitarian Church, Buchan Reception Hall
1226 SW Salmon Street, Portland
FREE educational event (donations accepted)

In Portland, a long-time anti-racist is targeted for assassination in the downtown area. In Vancouver, BC, an anti-fascist activist’s house is bombed. In Los Angeles, the National Socialist Movement rallies and is opposed by hundreds. In the Northwest, the Aryan Nations faces resistance as it searches for a community to base its new compound.

  • How are white supremacists organizing in Portland? On the West Coast generally? Should neo-Nazis just be ignored?
  • How have communities responded to white supremacist activity, and what can we learn? Are there lessons from Portland’s own history?
  • Is neo-Nazi organizing connected to anti-immigrant movements? The Tea Party phenomenon? How?

We are hosting a panel discussion and community speak-out to address these and other questions. Our goal is to bring people together who are interested in this topic, provide broader context & resources, as well as to kick-start conversations about building responses.

Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm for the efforts ahead. We look forward to seeing you there!

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NAZIS and POLICE in Portland


“NAZIS and POLICE in Portland, Oregon” is a short article about the overlapping racism of the Portland police department and nazi organizations. Portland has a long history of racist cops and a long history of nazi scumbags.

Recently, Portland police’s Mark Kruger was promoted to the rank of captain, in spite of his publicly known interest in nazism and his repeated violent offenses against non-violent protesters.

This zine takes a look at the racist climate in Portland of his formative teenage years, the role that the police department had in engaging in and encouraging racist attacks against minority groups, organized nazism. Then it looks at Portland now, the violence perpetrated against minorities by the police department, and the continuing presence of nazi groups.



Via Zine Library

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