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Red and Anarchist Punk Fest Two – Bogota City

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Colombia Action Alert: Support Summit Against Militarization (full details)

Christian Peacemaker Teams

NOTE: The CPTnet Editor apologizes for the series of Spanish language links at the bottom of this article (one is in English).  Readers are invited to search the internet for materials in their preferred language.

CPT Colombia is calling people to support the Women’s and People’s International Summit of the Americas Against Militarization (Encuentro Internacional de Mujeres y Pueblos de las Américas contra la Militarización) set for 16 to 23 August in Colombia. CPT Colombia has been active in accompanying the Women’s Social Movement Against War and for Peace, which is organizing the event.  The event will include delegations to different parts of Colombia to learn about the effects of militarization first hand; two days of presentations and discussion in Barrancabermeja to build a common strategic agenda with an emphasis on the military bases; and a vigil against militarization and the presence of foreign military forces in the territory. Continue reading

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Mass Graves and Alleged Extrajudicial Executions in the Macarena, Colombia

by Kelly Nicholls
Executive Director, U.S. Office on Colombia

After Everardo Borda was killed by the armed forces on January 16, 2008 his body was allegedly dumped in a clandestine grave site directly beside the military base of the Rapid Deployment Force in the Macarena, Meta in central Colombia. According to the Inspector-General’s initial report, there could be up to 2,000 non-identified bodies buried there. The Rapid Deployment Force (FUDRA in its Spanish acronym) has received considerable U.S. support since 2005 and the municipality of the Macarena and the surrounding region has been a focus of U.S.-backed military efforts to recover territory from the guerrillas. Continue reading

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