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Philadelphia marchers protest Ayotzinapa outrage


Some six months since 43 students disappeared in southern Mexico, their parents are traveling across the United States calling for justice. Continue reading

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“Political Prisoner” Phil Africa, Dies In PA Prison Under Suspicious Circumstances


John Vibes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – According to Ramona Africa, a representative for the MOVE 9, Phil Africa, the organization’s First Minister of Defense, passed away in prison under suspicious circumstances this week. Continue reading

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Philadelphia ‘Soverign Citizen’ Fernando Salguero Arrested In Camden, NJ On Weapons Charges

This is the guy that decided it was perfectly fine to put up a tent for Ron Paul at the Occupy Philly encampment when it was around. A few videos here and there would make it clear that we were no fan of his, and ladies and gentlemen, his recent arrest explains why.
One People’s Project
A Philadelphia-area survivalist who was an unwelcome staple at Occupy Philadelphia is free on bail after his arrest on weapons charges outside a New Jersey courthouse Feb. 12. Continue reading

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