Philadelphia ‘Soverign Citizen’ Fernando Salguero Arrested In Camden, NJ On Weapons Charges

This is the guy that decided it was perfectly fine to put up a tent for Ron Paul at the Occupy Philly encampment when it was around. A few videos here and there would make it clear that we were no fan of his, and ladies and gentlemen, his recent arrest explains why.
One People’s Project
A Philadelphia-area survivalist who was an unwelcome staple at Occupy Philadelphia is free on bail after his arrest on weapons charges outside a New Jersey courthouse Feb. 12.

According to, Fernando Antonio Salguero, 39, had illegally parked his 2005 Ford Crown Victoria – equipped like a police car, with an antenna and lights – in front of the Somerdale, NJ municipal court, said Jason Laughlin, a spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

When police ran the license plate and learned Salguero had a weapons charge against him out oh Hopewell, NJ and other offenses, including driving with a revoked license, they requested the assistance of the Camden County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad. After a police dog indicated that there might be explosives in the vehicle, they were able to obtain a warrant and found tear gas canisters and rocket-propelled flares, which are illegal in New Jersey. Salguero was held in the Camden County Jail until his release on Feb. 14 on $32,500 bail. A website supporting Salguero says he actually had pepper spray and road flares in his vehicle.

Unconfirmed accounts say that police asked Salguero if they can search the vehicle, and only sought a warrant after he denied them, reportedly claiming sovereign citizenship.

His appearance in court reportedly stems from his arrest on outstanding warrants as he distributed flyers outside a Mount Holly, NJ courthouse highlighting jurors’ rights and jury nullification.

Salguero  grew up in the Kensington area of Philadelphia, and started a survivalist MEETUP group called Survive and Thrive that he says is to help people prepare for a cataclysmic event and become more self-reliant. The group has a “Family Friendly Firearms Training” meet-up scheduled for Sunday at Colosimo’s gun range, near 10th and Spring Garden streets.

Salguero was a regular at the encampment at Occupy Philadelphia in 2011, but his brand of politics, particularly where his promotion of then Presidential Candidate and Congressman Ron Paul was concerned, made him and oddity as well as a pariah there. His tent, which he and his supporters left unattended often was ransacked one evening by unknown persons who stole the literature left there and defecated in the tent before leaving.

He once posted a video of Arizona neo-Nazi JT Ready at the encampment at Occupy Phoenix, calling him an “intelligent patriot”. Months later, Ready shot and killed his girlfriend, her daughter, daughter’s boyfriend and their infant daughter before fatally shooting himself At the time of his death Ready was under investigation by the FBI, who were looking into a potential domestic terrorism situation involving immigrants found shot to death in the desert.


The below video was posted by someone who did not like DLJ calling the Ron Paul folks out during Occupy Philly. Fernando is wearing the dark shirt and sunglasses. Careful watching this at work as there is a lot of harsh language in this one – from DLJ (sorry).

Source: One People’s Project

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