Neo-Nazis Plan to March in Trenton: ALL OUT AGAINST THE FASCISTS!

The National Socialist Movement (NSM), the largest neo-Nazi group in the US, will attempt to march and rally at the Trenton Statehouse this April. This is the first time Nazi scum have come out of their holes to hold a rally like this in New Jersey in several years.

Anti-Racist Action intends to remind the Nazis why coming to Trenton or ANY neighborhood is a bad idea. Every day we watch the growing tide of fascists organizing in the Northeast, the rise of police violence, and racist attacks on immigrant communities. Enough is Enough – not this time!

We encourage you and any supporters to come out and show your opposition to the NSM by whatever means you feel necessary. Meet up in front of the Trenton Battle Monument (Brunswick Avenue and N Broad Street) at 12PM on April 16th. Look for the ARA banners and flags!

April 16th 2011
Meet up: 12:00PM @ the Trenton Battle Monument (Brunswick Ave and N Broad St)

See you on the streets…

New Jersey Anti-Racist Action



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