New York City Anti-Racist Action is pleased to announce that Otto´s  Shrunken Head has agreed to cancel the three fascist bands – Venganza  Tatuada, Combate 49 and First Strike – that were scheduled to play on  Saturday night. ARA put a call out for a phone jam to the venue,  demanding that the bands be pulled from the bill. It only took 24 hours,  and with everyone’s help, we sent a strong message that fascists and  neo-Nazis are not welcome in NYC.

This victory is even more important in light of the fact that this  was slated to be both Venganza Tatuada and Combate 49´s first show.  Getting their first gig canceled will hopefully have a long-lasting and  continued impact on their attempts to spread their hate-filled, violent  neo-Nazi and nationalist propaganda. Same for the more veteran band,  First Strike. This was also one of First Strike´s first shows since the  band started playing together again.

Anti-Racist Action commends Otto´s Shrunken Head for making the right  call and canceling the bands in question so promptly. We encourage  people to go have a beer there, and thank them personally for doing the  right thing. Thanks are also in order for everyone who called and helped  get this event shut down, encouraging management at Otto´s Shrunken  Head to act decisively against this attempted neo-Nazi incursion into  New York City.

ARA firmly believes that neo-Nazi sympathizers and their fascist  sympathizers have no place in NYC – or anywhere else for that matter! We  will
always take action to ensure our city stays clean from the likes of this fascist scum.

We are hearing rumors that Venganza Tatuada and Combate 49 have  gotten themselves on another show for Saturday night somewhere in the  city,
possibly Brooklyn. ARA will be on the look out for that – stay tuned for  possible last minute updates and contact us if you hear anything.

For updates or more information, please contact NYC Anti-Racist Action or check back here.


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