Born In A Cent: Album up for Free (Donation Basis) Download

Hey y’all,

We just put up our album, “Who Called This Beautiful?” for donation based download. If you can throw us some bills that’d be awesome but if you can’t, you can still download the record for free!


If you want a physical copy of the album you can go to or just come up to us at one of our shows and we can get one to ya! We’ve also just put together a blog that will have updates, videos, a digital copy of the zines we’ve put out and a whole lot more (we hope!) Check out the blog here:

BUT, there are things that are more important than supporting us! We’ve got a benefit show coming up at ABC No Rio with the Bouncing Souls for the ABC No Rio building fund and another in October in NYC with Ryan Harvey of the Riot Folk Collective which will be a joint benefit for the Civilian Soldier Alliance and Community/Farmworker Alliance! You can check out more on these organizations that do great community work below. Hope to see you all at the shows!

much love,
Born in a Cent

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