Extreme right fans attacked the anti-fascist fans of FC “Karelia-Discovery” right during the match

A mass fight occurred in Pushkin during the final match of the Cup of the North-West region between the teams “Discovery – Karelia” (Petrozavodsk) – “Phosphorit (Kingisepp).On the 45 th minute an organized group of people with hidden faces burst into the stadium and attacked a group of Karelian supporters. A few minutes earlier, police officers, using service guns, prevented the penetration of the gang near the entrance, but those have passed through the other gates of the stadium and went to a distant sector, right through the numerous spectators, whom was about 600 that evening. At the same time none of the Kingisepp supporters, managers of the teams, or representatives of the MPO “North-West”, Football Federation , St. Petersburg’s and Leningrad region’s teams were affected.

The supporters of “Karelia-Discovery” consisting of about 40 people, among whom were girls, were attacked by a group of 100 people. Half of the attackers visually resembled football “toublemakers” ( the fans involved in the fighting groups), and the second half, as noticed by the site «Football Russia» “was much more like a trained military unit, with all the attributes: uniforms, command and clear system of seniority, and with a decent combat skills”.

«Kind Fists» – a group of fans responsible for the active support of “Karelia-Discovery” club:” Punks, skinheads, hardcore and common guys who have something to say whether in their own or another stadium –say the anti-racist fans , – Nobody is happy to the antiracists at their stadiums and the rules of the supporters here do not work, so you have to be armed as if going to the war, not to the match of your team.”

The attackers weren’t confused nor by the publicity of the place, nor by the presence of police officers, or even the presence of the press and spectators with children. By committing the attack,on the command from their leader they left the stadium and took a direction through the yards towards St. Petersburg highway.

According to Fontanka.ru one person was hospitalized.

The fact of the fight and the usage of traumatic weapons is confirmed by the law enforcement agencies of Pushkin district. According to police, there were no victims, the number of injured isn’t reported. All the materials are being analyzed, the question of starting criminal proceedings is being discussed.

The Pushkin District’s Administration also confirms the fact of the fight, in which were involved about 100 people. There’re no data on casualties in the administration, but they say that the stadium was damaged itself. Three attackers were detained but later released. In fact, it took about 20 minutes to calm the raging . In connection with the occurrence, the match was stopped, and wasn’t finished.

The TsFKSiZ “Tsarskoe Selo” stadium refuses to report the details , noticing, however, that the action is likely to have been planned.

The fact that the attack on the anti-fascist supporters was planned confirm the extreme right forums and guestbooks.

Source: http://www.antifa.ru/4823.html


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