Show Racism the Red Card-North America

Welcome to Show Racism the Red Card North America

Soccer in North America has a dynamic and rich history that is multiracial, and embraces the strength that comes with its diversity.  The history of soccer here is unique from other parts of the world, in that a philosophy of inclusiveness has always been apparent in all of its aspects, including players, supporters, and management.

As soccer continues to grow in the North American continent, it is imperative that each of us take responsibility in ensuring the diverse heritage and culture of the sport continues.

Our campaign has the following aims in mind:

  • Increase players, management, and supporters’ understanding of the inclusive heritage and diverse culture of soccer in North America.
  • To promote young people’s participation as active and responsible citizens in a growing multi-racial and diverse society.
  • Provide tools and resources for management, supporters, and players to respond to bigotry in positive ways.
  • Harness the high profile of top soccer players as role models to grab the interests of and educate the larger community on issues of inclusion and opportunity.
  • Involvement of the leagues and/or teams to adopt anti-racism measures and inclusion of policies and practices, both on the field and in the stands.
  • Providing team and league management the tools and framework to be able to swiftly deal with incidents of racist abuse and insults in a uniform manner.
  • Showcase the unique strength of soccer in North America due in part to its diversity.

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