Thursday, June 3 in NYC: We Demand Jobs for All — Summer Jobs for Youth

The New York City Economic Development Corporation, appointed by Mayor Bloomberg, controls billions of tax payer dollars. They give this money to real estate developers and corporations. They are the shadow government of NYC that is behind the gentrification of our neighborhoods. They are Wall Street bankers and real estate executives.

It is clear that an emergency exists in our city. – nearly 1 million unemployed and underemployed. Youth, locked out, imprisoned, especially in the African American and Latino communities. We need a national public jobs program.

But right here, in the richest city in the U.S., there is money to create a public jobs program now. We must challenge the fact that the politicians are acting as collection agents for the banks, which cutting to the bone, all services we need. A movement that says the money is there, the emergency is there, and grows powerful enough to say no business as usual while we suffer.

On June 3, Thursday at 9:30 am. we will gather at the NYC Economic Development Corporation, 110 William St., to demand Jobs for All, and especially Summer Jobs for Youth. They City Comptroller has charged the EDC with illegally holding back $125 million dollars it should have turned over to the city. That money would create 66,000 summer jobs at $10/hr, 25hrs/week for 8 weeks. Please join us there for the opening of this campaign “No Jobs – No Business As Usual.” If you can not attend please get in touch.

All organizations, unions, church groups and individuals are welcome.

For more info, contact Gavrielle Gemma, Jobs for All Campaign/Bail Out the People Movement – 646-353-2708


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