Yep, it’s that time again. It looks like neo-Nazi MMA fighter Doug Sonier is having another fight, this time on Friday in something called Cage Fighting Extreme in Plymouth, MA. Sonier has been spending the past few months telling promoters that he has gotten out of the white supremacist circles he “used” to run in, but given the fact that not only was he in attendance at Keystone United’s Leif Erickson Day Celebration in October and is only five months into a year probation for threatening his Jewish boss by saying he was going to “knock your shylock motherf—–n’ nose off kike b—h”, he might not be all that forthcoming with the truth. Well word has gotent out to the New England antifa that he was coming to town, and they are not happy. At all. Not one damned bit. They have sent this call out to alert the public about this and encourage everyone to be proactive against Sonier and attempts by neo-Nazis to further themselves in an otherwise respectable arena. Good luck to them.

Anti-Racist Action Southern New England

This Friday, May 28th, Doug Sonier, a white power fascist, is coming to New England. Join Anti-Racist Action SE MA and send a clear message to Sonier and all white supremacists and their allies; NOT WELCOME!

Doug Sonier is scheduled to appear at a mixed martial arts event, Cage Fighting Extreme (CFX) 9 in Plymouth, MA at Memorial Hall this Friday the 28th!

Sonier has ties to many fascist, white supremacy hate groups including the Hated from FL, Keystone State (PA) Skinheads and Maryland State Skinheads. Two of his known associates are currently in prison in Florida, convicted of possession of stolen weapons and conspiring to construct a bomb. Sonier himself has an extensive criminal record of violent offenses and is currently serving one year probation in PA for making threatening, anti-semitic phone calls to his former employer. Sonier may not be intelligent (or a good MMA fighter – he has never won a match) but he has the means and will to commit violent and hateful acts.

The event promoters of CFX have been informed of Sonier’s past and current views and associations with ample time to respond. By their refusal to drop Sonier from the match and severe all public and private relations with him, CFX is collaborating with a known white supremacist. Tell CFX that they cannot support and harbor violent, white supremacists like Doug Sonier. They must drop him from the event on May 29th immediately.

Lets make an effort to call CFX tomorrow and Thursday from 9 to 3. Keep up the calls and emails until they commit to kicking Doug Sonier off the bill and promise to no longer allow openly white supremacist fighters on their tickets. ~ Anti-racist action South-east MA // <![CDATA[// <![CDATA[
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Article about Sonier’s current probation


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