Not since antifa caught up with Forrest Fogarty at a Snapcase show a few years back has the Confederate Hammerskin and lead singer of the WP band Attack been cut so deep. A blog called FORREST FOGARTY EXPOSED! was put up this week, and in that blog is some a lot of WTMI that could only come from within the ranks of CHS. We don’t know who did this or even how accurate this may be, but the pics speak for themselves, especially the ones that ummm…we can’t post. Fogarty has had it in for us for a few years now, so we might be hearing from him soon, because we seriously doubt he is going to want this blog to stand as it is. Let the games begin!


We are getting a lot of feedback in the last couple hours that Forrest and his followers are attempting damage control, just like we knew they would, by claiming that this entire site is fake and photoshopped. But the good news is that racialists across Eastern and Western Europe are coming out condemning him and his actions. It’s refreshing to know that there are still people out there that know the difference between right and wrong. The truth is that the only photoshopping that was done was blurring out the background, adding the pot leaf and cropping the pics. The best graphic artist in the world could not re-create all of the tattoos on his body.

The sword of truth is slicing right through all of their lies. When you shine the light on cockroaches, they scatter.

HSN and Forrest know damn well who wrote this. These text messages were forwarded to members of HSN, and HSN has been previously made aware on several different occasions of Forrest’s disturbing behavior and swore they would put and end to it. And as usual, nothing was done. Now, we are hearing just more excuses and pathetic attempts of yet another Forrest cover-up. It really makes you wonder

First off, I want to say I believe personal problems should be handled face to face as men. out in public, but this has to be done.

Secondly, if somebody is no good, openly does drugs while claiming to be a racialist, threatens women and children, starts massive problems over the Internet and phone, gets his brothers and friends involved in his personal problems to handle them as a gang because he can’t handle them himself, lies and smears good people, uses his status in his crew to bully and intimidate innocent white people, blackmails, and threatens to rush shows and parties with his crew over personal problems, talks about pimping and gang-banging young white girls, sends gay pornographic pictures of himself to straight, honorable white men; while the whole time hiding behind his computer, phone and Hammerskin patch; I believe whole-heartedly that he needs to be EXPOSED, and now is the time and he is exposed in more than one way.

The reason why the White Power movement in America has failed is because no-good trouble-makers, freaks and weirdos have been given a voice and been allowed to do the things I have mentioned above. Nobody has the guts to do a damn thing about it; usually because these people are in a crew, or in a band, or have given themselves some kind of “title.” Nobody wants to rock the boat or they are too scared that they will become a target by these people and be subject to vicious lies, rumors and attacks. The following is an explanation of all you see and hear on this page, and what Forrest is really all about.

The mp3 Sound Byte of Forrest Admitting to Smoking Pot:

The sound byte is off of a cell phone video from a party. It was given to me by a member of the
Hammerskin Nation. The reason he gave it to me is because in his words, “Forrest has become a major liability and nuisance. He is putting HSN in jeopardy and destroying what credibility HSN has left in America.” In this video Forrest openly brags about drug use, he also incriminates other Hammerskins, including a regional director doing drugs and other despicable actions. There is no need to run the whole thing. I’m not here to break up any marriages or completely destroy HSN. What I am doing is shedding light on a so-called racialist who is not what he has portrayed himself to be and who is completely out of control. Listen closely to him, openly, with a cocky attitude admitting that he smokes pot:

Or download here: Download ToxicLoop2.mp3 from FileFactory.com

Or download here: http://www.plunder.com/Forrest-Fogarty-Admits-to-Smoking-Pot-download-68894b28cc.htm

The Pictures, Texts and Phone Calls:

I’m not going to whine about crazy threats and things said to me personally. I am just putting in here what people need to know. First off, Forrest loves to throw out HSN “beat on sight” and “green lights.” He can’t step up and handle his business like a man so he threatens HSN green lights and beat on sights to those he disagrees with. He also spreads lies, talks shit and makes up wild stories to get other Hammerskins and racialists behind him. Not only does he play that card against other good, upstanding racialists, he has played this card against old-school, ex-members of HSN who paved the way for every current patch holder. The threats and lies he has made up are detrimental to HSN in more than one way. A few pictures of his texts and of his perversion are posted and you can check the #, because it is his. I will spare you from too much of this disgusting unsightliness, I’m just posting enough to get the point across:

Forrest is, as you can see, threatening that HSN is going to rush one of the biggest shows where the most well-respected veteran bands in the USA are playing. He is also threatening to start a war between Pagan and christian skinheads and he is doing all of this as a representative of the Hammerskin Nation. HSN can say, “he doesn’t speak for us” but the fact is, he does. Forrest is wearing a patch and bringing Hammerskins into his own personal drama and trouble-making.

…And This is Where Things Get Really Strange:

He started sending me; a straight, well-respected racialist, pictures of his penis and of himself masturbating. He also started talking all this weird gay shit and asking me gay questions. The texts and pictures posted here are just the tip of the iceberg. Things got even stranger when he started referring to himself in the third person as “puffin pants” and asking if I wanted to play “fuck fuck the clown.” These pictures and texts speak for themselves:

(Note: One People’s Project will NOT post pictures of Forrest’s penis!)

The Pot-Smoking Pictures:

Below this paragraph you will see Forrest in the act of smoking marijuana. If you look closely that is a metal tube he is smoking out of. He is also packing the metal tube with marijuana wearing his Attack shirt. Maybe that’s why he calls himself puffin, because he puffs? When he was told to either step up or shut his mouth or the pot-smoking pictures would be released he said,
“Go ahead and do it, nobody will do anything, this is MY scene, I AM CHS, people fly me all over the world, I’m going to Italy, I personally united HSN and the “Vxxxxxxxxx.” He said some things about others I will leave out since this is just about Forrest.

The Stalking of Women & Threats Against Them, Threats Against Children:

Forrest habitually and routinely stalks his ex-girlfriends, slanders them, threatens them, blackmails them, and harasses them. He slanders his ex-girlfriends and girls who do not give into his advances by calling them federal informants, race-mixers, drug addicts, gutter whores, etc. He continually calls and harasses them, texts them, threatens and makes up stories to have their children taken away by the authorities, as well as blackmails and hold things over their heads such as intimate, personal pictures that were taken in his relationships, threatens to get them fired from work, etc., the list goes on. He also has others call and prank call on his behalf doing his dirty work, one of these people is the wife of a guy from another crew, but it’s really up to them to deal with her instead of airing all that here.

One of his girlfriends thought she was pregnant and Forrest told her if she didn’t have an abortion he was going to put cigarettes out on the baby’s face. He has threatened to shit on people’s kids. He also tells girls they are not allowed to be racialists anymore and has turned old friends against each other. He tries to do everything in his power to run women off and give them bad names when things don’t go his way. These girls can come forward on their own; naming names isn‘t an option. All this happens because they won’t do what Forrest wants. He has also threatened to do vile and unspeakable things to children in my family, as well. He’ll do anything to avoid actually being a man. Is this honorable behavior? Is this kind of behavior tolerated and turned a blind eye to these days? Could you imagine a normal, good-hearted person, especially a female, finding their racial identity and wanting to explore it, then they run into someone like Forrest?

I Will Now Ask Some Serious Questions…

Is this what you want to pay for? Pay to fly Forrest around the world, pay for his food and hotels, having his band on your stage playing for you? He is in your houses, shaking your hands, while you’re calling him your brother? He is exposed to your wives, girlfriends and children. Is this what HSN and skinheads are about these days? Is this a representative of you that is worthy enough to wear the patch? Addressing the “V” group: Is this someone you want to unite with? Someone you want throwing your name around? Someone you want talking to your wives? I’m not asking you to answer me. I’m asking everyone reading this to look at these pictures, look at his actions, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself these questions because only you know the answers. How someone so sick and degenerate ever was even allowed around and allowed to cause so much drama is way beyond me.

No wonder people with good intentions run from the so-called movement. No wonder nobody takes it seriously. If someone makes a relevant point all those who oppose it need to do is point to someone like Forrest and say, “these people are all like this.” This has been going on for far too long. Good people either run away or get run off and the scum are allowed to remain rotting everything around them, causing problems and drama so no progress can be made. It is sad to admit but today the pro-white movement is in the worst shape its ever been. The reason is because total degenerates are rotting it from the inside out.

You are only as strong as your weakest link, and his continuous, erratic and degenerate behavior is a stain on everyone wearing a patch. I’m sure when this blog hits the air, everyone is going to be making excuses and doing damage control. What’s right and honorable is usually put aside for a whole list of meaningless reasons and excuses. I don’t expect anyone to do anything about this, and honestly I could care less if they do. This is being aired for those who are still true to see what’s really going on and for those to know exactly who they so easily call brother. This is for the next time Forrest lies and slanders someone that his words will carry no weight and will fall on deaf ears. This is for the names that he has smutted up and dragged through the mud to be cleared. This is for parents to think twice about who they expose their children to. This is for all the future women he meets to know what kind of person Forrest really is behind the facade. This is also for the good people who were not strong enough to stand against him and those who have backed him up and were run off and terrorized for no good reason. And last, but most importantly, this is for the Hammerskin Nation. Take a good look at yourselves and ask yourselves why the HSN in the United States today doesn’t even remotely resemble the HSN of 15 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Look around and ask yourself is this quality over quantity? Is the man standing next to me up to the standards that HSN set so long ago?

Ask yourself if you are up to those standards, and if you feel something is lacking ask yourself what you can do to change that, better yourself and reset that standard on American soil once again. I have said enough here and done my best to briefly expose some serious vile and degenerate behavior.

There, You Have It.

I will just sign this as someone who helped pave the way for you guys who have taken up the torch. You figure it out.

Friday, May 14, 2010

(*Note Forrest has given out the HSN CHS bylaws book and articles of Hammerskin clothing, patches, cups, etc., to several women and non-members.)

Bylaws of the Confederate Hammer Skinheads

1. Membership in CHS is open to any man of whole European decent. This includes the following racial subgroups; Nordic, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Mediterranean, Finnish, Baltic, Alpine and Dinaric. No Slander or disrespect of any of the aforementioned subgroups will be tolerated.

2. CHS is a drug-free organization, period. Anyone caught using, selling or in possession of an illegal substance will be kicked out. On good or bad standing is up to the majority vote of the Region. The abuse of alcohol and prescription medication will not be tolerated as well.

BROKEN! Not only does Forrest Fogarty use marijuana regularly for recreational purposes only, but he feels confident enough that he can openly brag about smoking it, as well as name the names of the others whom he has smoked it with. Forrest is also no stranger to the use of prescription painkillers and the occasional use of cocaine when hanging out with his anti-racist, punk-rock friend “L.” (Forrest freely admits to this.)

3. Any man wanting to Probate must be at least 18 years old and no older then 39. To become a patch holder you must be at least 21.

4. CHS does not probate women, any woman wanting to support CHS may become apart of Crew38 at the discretion of the individual state.

5. All CHS probates and patch holders are required to be physically fit within reason. It is not mandatory to join a gym or workout but you must be in reasonable shape and present yourself in a cleancut manner befitting of a white man.

6. All probates and patch holders are required to work. Exceptions are if a member over 35 is retired, if a member is on disability (but still physically capable to serve the nation) or if a member is laid off there will be a 6 month leniancy period (must be actively searching for work).

7. All probates and patch holders are required to pay monthly dues of $20.00 to the regional treasurer.

BROKEN! Forrest brags about how he doesn’t have to pay for anything involving his Hammerskin events and claims that since he’s a “rock star” people will pay to fly him anywhere he wants to play with his band Attack.

8. All CHS probates and patch holders are prohibited from conversing with any forms of the media in any and every way.

BROKEN! Forrest voluntarily did an interview about being a racist in the military for Matt Kennard in Tampa in which he brought along his two children: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2009/06/15/neo_nazis_army
Forrest also voluntarily did an interview for the Media when he made the news for disrupting an anti-war protest:
http://www.tboblogs.com/index.php/newswire/story/charges-may-be-filed-against-angry-veteran/ & http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?p=167562

9. When a patch holder or probate quits, they can never be a patch holder or probate again. No exceptions. When a patch holder retires, they may come back if voted back in by a majority vote of the region. If a member is kicked out on good standing, they must wait 2 years before being able to come back and must prospect again (2 yrs min). When a member quits or gets kicked out (good or bad standing) all property of the HSN must be returned back to a CHS patch holder immediately.

10. CHS is an elite organization, therefore we adhere to the highest standards of morals and ethics. There will be no tolerance toward the beating of women, fathers not paying child support/taking care of their children, excessive slander of other stand-up racialists etc. You must conduct yourself in an honorable manner.

BROKEN! Forrest Fogarty regularly and excessively slanders and threatens other racialists; including women, single mothers, and their children. Forrest brings in the entire Hammerskin Nation as his personal backup and there are plenty of erratic and abusive texts and voicemail messages made by Forrest to well-respected, longtime racialists and ex-girlfriends that document this as undeniable proof of his excessive slander and strange fetishes.

11. All probates must stay in touch with at least one active CHS patch holder twice a month (min). Patch holders must stay in touch at least once a month.

12. It is mandatory for all probates to attend all state meetings, the Regionals, and Hammerfest. Any missed meeting is an additional year to probation, more then 2 missed meetings will result in expulsion. Patch holders should attend all meetings but may go to either Regionals or Hammerfest.

13. All probates and patch holders planning on attending any non-HSN sponsored event must consult with the Regional rep before attending. Also, any action taken that will effect the status and/or reputation of CHS/HSN must be approved by the Regional rep.

14. All probates must be active and must prospect for a minimum of 2 years. Activity entails performing all assigned tasks in state or at events, paying dues, attending all meetings (Bylaws 7, 11 and 12) and supporting a HSN sponsored POW. To become a patch holder a probate must receive a unanimous vote from their state. The CHS rep may veto any probate from receiving a patch with at least 3 other CHS patch holders’ support.

15. CHS is a skinhead organization therefore all potential probates must be a skinhead at the time of probation.

16. Internal fighting will not be tolerated. If two members cannot settle an issue after diplomatic talks and/or a one on one meeting, then one member shall be kicked out, in extreme cases both. Any member assaulting another member with a weapon and/or with accomplices shall be kicked out as well.

17. CHS is not open to membership to any persons of law enforcement

18. Once a brother starts probating, they must drop membership in any and all other organizations. CHS is first, there is no second. Duel membership is forbidden for patch holders as well.

19. CHS is a secular organization and is open to believers of the Odinist, Asatru, Pagan and Christian faiths. Non-believers born under the aforementioned faiths are accepted as well. Followers of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Satanists, Wiccans, and New Age mysticists need not apply.

20. Eligibility for probation requires that the probate has never been convicted of a heinous crime against women, children, and the elderly of our people. i.e. Rape, sexual assault, pedophilia, domestic violence, drug possession with intent to sell, child abuse, testifying against another racialist or assisted law enforcement.

BROKEN! Forrest Fogarty cooperated and assisted with the arrest of VF supporter “Dan” who allegedly raped his ex-girlfriend by covertly working with the FBI to arrange a time when they could raid Dan’s house. He also called the police when this alleged rape victim first told him about the alleged rape, despite her insistence NOT to contact the authorities.

21. A brother must be a patch holder for 2 years before getting any HSN/CHS related tattoos. Upon retiring and/or kicked out on good standing a member must have any HSN related tattoo dated. Quitters and bad standing must have all HSN related ink covered up immediately.

22. All probates and patch holders are forbidden to fraternize with any persons of non-white decent outside of work/place of business and family occasions (non-whites related not by blood). Any photographs taken at the aforementioned exceptions are not to be publicized.

23. All probates and patch holders are forbidden from having any relations with any members ex-wife/girlfriend without the consent of the previous member. All members wives/girlfriends must be over the age of 18.

24. Any probate or patch holder committing a crime that will damage the reputation of the HSN is no longer a member the second the crime is committed whether any other member knows about the act or not.

BROKEN! Forrest puts the entire Hammerskin organization in jeopardy by using them as his personal backup for his own problems. Smoking marijuana and bragging about it, as well as naming other Hammerskins and their alleged discretions puts the entire HN at risk.

25. Violations of Bylaws 1, 2, 8, 10, 13, 23, 24, and 25 will result in expulsion on bad standing with the majority vote of the Region.

Forrest Fogarty has clearly broken 6 of the CHS bylaws and broken his oath to the Hammerskin Nation worldwide, not to mention, staining every single person that wears the same patch with his actions. He thinks he can do whatever he wants because in his own words, “I AM CHS, You take me down, CHS falls and I am in one of the most popular bands




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