May Day Freedom Fest

RDAC BX ( The Rebel Diaz Arts Collective) will be having a May Day Freedom Festival. The show will be part of the larger May Day mobilizations that are taking place citywide. The history of May Day is a date that commemorates the struggle of workers worldwide, and was brought to light by the Haymarket Affair martyrs in Chicago who fought and died for an 8 hr. day. In recent years it has been the date in which the Immigrant Rights movement has taken to the streets to fight for Immigrant and Workers Rights. It is especially important this year with the racist laws that were just passed in the state of Arizona. One of the laws passed, eliminated all ethnic studies programs at state and city colleges and the other one which gives regular cops the power of ICE officials. At RDAC BX we like to think that without Immigrants and Immigration, Hip Hop would not exist. From Kool Herc’s Jamaica influences in his booming sound system, to Greek grafitti artist Taki 183, to the Cuban and Puerto Rican bboys in Rocksteady Crew to Slick Rick from England. Therefore it is Hip Hop’s responsibility to defend Immigrant Rights.
It is with this sentiment that we put on the show. This is not your everyday Hip Hop show.

It is Hip Hop standing up and performing for a cause. To bring awareness to the struggle of day laborers, to those that pick our tomatoes and grapes, and those that clean the homes of the rich and raise their kids.

If we all work together we can make this a historic show. Think about the scene. Union Square. on a Saturday from 2 to 4pm. We will have the RDAC BX sound system and will rock on top of the back of a flat bed truck.

The rally will take place from 12-2pm at Union Square. The May Day Freedom Festival starts at 2pm sharp and will run thru 4pm.

Performing live!!

YC the Cynic
Marcel Cartier
Division X
Hasan Salaam
Reyes Del Bajo Mundo
Kalae All Day
Rebel Diaz

Just added to the lineup:

Immortal Technique

Dj Ethos ( Los Angeles)
Dj Charlie Hustle


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