Tea Party…

So at the St. Louis Tea Party on April 15 this guy shows up, and as you can see from the video, while the teabaggers did the right thing by getting in the guy’s face, they still had to do their usual “We’re not racist, but the other guy is” posturing by saying he was a Democrat pretending to be with them. Well, here’s where you can help. Instead of going back and forth about if they are right and wrong without even knowing who he is in the first place, we want you to help us identify him. No matter who he is, anyone who wants to prance around in Aryan Wear gear (that’s where you can get the shirt and hat), let alone give them money is someone who we should truly get to know so we know to tell him to take a walk when he’s not dressed as a mail-order bonehead. If you know this guy and can confirm his identity, please contact us at /

When we are satisfied that we have the correct information on this clown, we will make him a very famous bonehead.


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