The Aryan Guard, the group that thinks it is still alive, along with a splinter group called White European Bloodlines (WEB) has something to prove after the year they had. The Aryan Guard founder Kyle McKee is sitting in a jail cell on attempted murder charges, and another member, John Marleau, is in another jail cell for attacking a C-Train (Canada’s Amtrak) operator. A mother with ties to the Aryan Guard lost her kids to the state since she and her husband thought it would be cool to scrawl racist crap on their 7-year-old daugher’s arm and tell her how to kill black people. and then there’s the fact that they said they were breaking up, only to come back bigger and stronger than e– no wait, that’s didn’t happen. They only came back sort of after announcing they disbanded. Anyway, they want to rally at Calgary, Alberta’s City Hall on March 21, and given the trouncing the Nazis got at last year’s rally, no doubt antifa are feeling their oats right about now. Now this is the same day that some Nazis have declared “White Pride World Wide Day” or something, and some group called the National Socialist Front out of Chicago also pulled itself out of the mothballs to declare a march on that weekend. The day before all of this, March 20, there is a white power show going down in Richmond, VA. Meanwhile on our side, there is an anti-war rally going on in DC that day as well. In other words, we are going to have a busy weekend in about 30 days or so! We have the call for the Calgary rally here, but soon we hope to have all the other info as well. Keep an eye on our Alerts section on the side bar. We want to wish our antifa friends well up north as they deal with this, and if they need an inspiration, we are perfectly fine if you pretend that the assembled Nazis are a US Olympic hockey team and you want a little payback (We couldn’t resist)!

Calgary Anti-Racist Action

On Sunday March 21, come out and show the violent thugs of the Aryan Guard and White European Bloodlines that we will not stand for racism or any other kind of oppression in our community.

What: Calgarians standing up and saying racism is not welcome

Where: The steps of City Hall

When: Sunday, March 21 11:00 am

Over the last several years, racist, neo-Nazi gangs such as the Aryan Guard and White European Bloodlines have tried to make Calgary their home. On March 21, Calgarians will be gathering to show these thugs that hatred is not welcome in this city.

The day will start with a celebration of our community’s cultural diversity in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Should the Aryan Guard or W.E.B. choose to stage a counter-march in the afternoon, we encourage all who are willing to confront them.

This event is open to all and is intended to be confrontational but non-violent.

The Aryan Guard and W.E.B. are nothing more than violent, racist gangs. Their members include:

Kyle McKee (Aryan Guard founder): Currently in jail facing charges of attempted murder for a bomb attack. Previous convictions for assault.

John Marleau (Aryan Guard): Currently in jail for attacking a C-Train operator with a knife.

Robert Reitmeier (W.E.B.): Previously charged with attempted murder.

R.N. (Aryan Guard): Convicted of assault for attacking woman from behind. R.N. is not named as he was a minor at the time of the assault.

Tyler Sturrup (W.E.B.): Numerous convictions for theft.


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  1. Redpunx

    Not sure if you guys heard about it but it’s worth mentionning: nazis are also planning a concert in Montreal, i think its the 20th or 21st, called blotfest.

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