Saturday, Feb. 20 in Jamaica Plain, MA: Black History Month Forum

One Year Later
A critical assessment from a Marxist perspective
(including an assessment of the Massachusetts senate election result)

SATURDAY – Feb 20 • 4 pm

284 Amory Street (at The Brewery)
Jamaica Plain, MA

Dinner will be served – Donation requested

Featured speaker:

Leading member of Workers World Party

For more information,
617-522-6626 • •

download flyer:

The program will also include updates:

The March 3-4 DEFEND EDUCATION National Mobilization and the Fight Against the Privatization and Resegregation of the Schools

Update on Haiti

Over 27 million workers, one in five, are either unemployed or underemployed. Layoffs, foreclosures, imperialist wars and occupations like in Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq are on the rise.

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