Shut Down AmRen: Antifa Hooligans Converge February 20th

Anti-fa demo against American Renaissance on February 20th It’s being called by the self-described anarchist collective. ///

“On February 20th we are converging as an antifa bloc we are there to send a clear message to these scum that white nationalism is not welcomed in the DC area —- February 20th: Oppose Racist Conference in the DC area. —- On February 19th 21st right wing extremist are gathering in Manassas, VA. SDAC & Company will be there to oppose it. For the last several months SDAC has been in hot pursuits of the American Renascence. Weve chased them from hotel to hotel and sent out hundreds of invitations to friends to participate in the struggle against these racist scum. This year weve been the biggest headache for Jason Taylor, we intend to keep it this way, by asking our same friends and allies to come out and send a clear message to these assholes.

On February 20th we are converging as an antifa bloc we are there to send a clear message to these scum that white nationalism is not welcomed in the DC area.”

The demo is against the American Renaissance conference. Here’s some info on Amren from this website: “What is AmRen and what do they believe? AmRen, published by white supremacist Jared Taylor, is a newsletter that promotes pseudoscientific research which argues that non-whites are genetically and morally inferior. The AmRen conference is a melting pot of radical right-wing racist people and ideas.

Previous attendees include Ku Klux Klan members (including former leader David Duke), neo-Nazis (such as Don Black), holocaust deniers, anti-immigration activists, and other ideologues promoting racial hatred. The Anti-Defamation League writes that AmRen,promotes their views by attacking racial, ethnic, and religious diversity, which they call one of the most divisive forces on the planet and therefore dangerous and that, many of North Americas leading intellectual racists have written for American Renaissance or have addressed the biennial American Renaissance conferences.

Who is supposed to be at the conference this year? The keynote speaker of the conference this year is Nick Griffin, head of the British National Party (BNP) and member of the European Parliament.
His attendance at the conference is troubling, as he is expected to be placed in jail soon for violating a court order in the UK to open the membership of his political party to non-whites by January, 28th. Griffin isnt a stranger to jail though; in 1996 he served a 9-month sentence after being found guilty of publishing material likely to incite racial hatred. Griffins speaking date in DC is even more
disturbing because James Von Brunn, the neo-Nazi terrorist who shot and killed a security guard at the DC Holocaust Museum in June of 2009, was a member of the American Friends of the British National Party, and had been at events where Griffin Spoke. As well as being a racist, Griffin is notable for his antisemitism, and has referred to the Holocaust as the Holohoax.

Other speakers include:

Dan Roodt, who argues that blacks are genetically programmed to commit violent crime, and wrote in an article on January 13th, 2010 that, In South Africa, the white IQ is somewhere around 100 whereas the average black IQ is about 70.Blacks generally prefer parties and festivals because a lot of them lack the mental ability to excel at such demanding subjects as mathematics and natural science which require logical reasoning and cognitive ability. Roodt is the head of Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, a South African white supremacist organization.

Craig Bodeker, who said in an interview that, The false concept of racism has done more harm than just force decent white people into NOT looking-out for their own ethnic interests, while other groups are encouraged to look out for theirs. In fact, Ill argue that it has BANKRUPTED AMERICA!

Jared Taylor, who argues that blacks are more psychopathic than whites, and in an article about Hurricane Katrina wrote that, when blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization any kind of civilization disappears. And in a crisis, civilization disappears overnight.

Sam G. Dickson, who advocates white nationalism and fights against non-white immigration, affirmative action, interracial marriage, homosexuality, and school integration.

Raymond Wolter, who argues against school racial desegregation, and believes that blacks have more natural IQ limitations than whites.

Wayne Lutton, who is the director of a group which publishes the racist Occidental Quarterly journal, and the anti-Semitic Occidental Observer magazine.”


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  1. This year Jared Taylor and AmRen are hosting the national convention of white supremacists at Montgomery Bell State Park in Dickson, TN. We have a petition going a t and are reaching out to anyone who can help us in any way to get this shut down. Please spread the word about this and help us #ShutDownAmRen Note to moderator: my last post included the wrong link, can you delete it and make sure this one appears instead

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