ScumThis scumbag who was the lead singer of a Belgian Nazi oi! band assaulted a Togolese immigrant in 2006 and was doing a two-year stint for the crime. He couldn’t take it, and instead changed that into a self-imposed death penalty. Why, that would have been the most honorable thing this bonehead could have done, were it not for the fact that he took himself out simply because he was too much of a punkass that he couldn’t handle two years in prison. But such is the way of boneheads. We know one in Philadelphia area (let’s just say his name is Keith Carney) who cowered in his cell for much of the three years he spent in jail, and now is scared to death of one day going back. Anyway, our boy @ndy over at Slackbastard provides us with the story of how a fascist preyed upon innocents and died a coward’s death.


[Further update : judging by the amount and nature of the nattering on various neo-Nazi networks, it appears that Belgian bonehead Dieter Samoy really is dead. How and why is unknown. Given his sentencing last week, it appears possible that he killed himself in order to avoid undergoing two years imprisonment for a violent assault he committed in Bruges in 2006.

Samoy was 28.

Update : unconfirmed reports suggest that, at some point in the last few days, Samoy has committed suicide.]

In sad news for fans of Belgian reich ‘n’ roll band Kill Baby Kill, it’s been reported that its lead shouter and string-plucker Dieter Samoy has been sentenced to two years jail for his role in an assault upon Togolese immigrant Raphaël Mensah in May 2006. Mensah was rendered unconscious in the assault, hospitalised, and spent one month in a coma. He died a year later (of apparently unrelated causes).


On the bright side, you can listen to Kill Baby Kill on Myspace here, and their albums are available for sale through various neo-Nazi online distros, including Final Stand Records, Micetrap Distribution, NSM88 Records and of course Australia’s own 9percent.

Kill Baby Kill toured Australia in September 2008, playing a gig at the Beaconsfield Hotel, and recording a number of sing-a-longs with locals, one of which implores ‘Abos’ to fuck off and die.

Arf arf.

Note that Australian state and society is already doing a pretty good job of ensuring indigenous peoples die young, their life expectancy rating as among one of the lowest in the world: “In Australia, an indigenous child can expect to die 20 years earlier than his non-native compatriot. The life expectancy gap is also 20 years in Nepal, while in Guatemala it is 13 years and in New Zealand it is 11″ (UN report paints grim picture of conditions of world’s indigenous peoples, January 14, 2010).

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