Doug Sonier

We don’t know who beats up Nazi MMA fighter Doug Sonier more, the people he fights or Sonier himself. What worse it seems like he enjoys being this miserable flunky who can’t get anything right. Why else would someone be so dumb as to threaten to kill anyone on a damn phone message – making sure he is as anti-Semitic about it as he can get? Sonier started the year off right by getting himself put on probation for a year after the August 2008 cell phone message where he tells his Jewish former employer, “I’ll knock your shylock mother f—iin’ nose off, kike b—h!” Eh, that’s our boy Doug, we suppose, short on the temper, long on the stupid. A lot of people in the MMA circles are starting to get wise about him and his ties to bonehead crews up and down the East Coast. They have decided they don’t want to have anything to do with him and his neo-Nazi ass, but every now and again someone put him on a fight card not realizing the kind of crap he is about. Matix Fights has him slated to fight on Feb. 27 here in Philly, but some folks are already calling the promoters about him. If there is anything more illustrative as to why this guy needs to be left to himself and stay away from everyone, it is definitely this latest episode.

One People’s Project

DOYLESTOWN, PA–Douglass Sonier, the mixed martial arts fighter who is also an associate of neo-Nazi organizations on the East Coast, has been sentenced to 12 months probation on Jan. 5 after pleading guilty to terroristic threats and harassment after leaving a vulgar, anti-Semitic message on his former employer’s cell phone threatening to kill him.

Sonier, 30, also has to pay court costs and is ordered to stay away from his former employer his residence and his family, per the conditions of his probation. He left the message after being fired and receiving his final paycheck with deductions for a tool he was accused of stealing.

According to court records, Sonier began working in July 2008 as an electrician, but after a few weeks his poor work performance became a concern, costing the company thousands of dollars and lost time. He was terminated by his employer, who is Jewish, citing not only poor work performance but also that he had stolen tools from one co-worker as well as a drill bit worth $50. He received his last paycheck with the deductions for the drill bit, which prompted him to call his employer in the early morning hours of Aug. 1. “You Jew motherfucker,” Sonier said in the message, “I’ll knock your shylock motherfuckin’ nose off kike bitch! I’ll kill you!”

The employer, was concerned about Sonier because of his ties to neo-Nazi groups such as Florida’s the Hated, Maryland “Skinheads” (MDS) and Keystone United (formerly known as Keystone State “Skinheads”, KU) and because he worked at night leaving his wife and young daughter home alone. According to a statement written by the employer, he also called his black co-workers racial slurs and threatened his job foreman. Sonier later admitted to the employer that he made the call in anger over the paycheck but did not recall threatening to kill him.

Sonier has a long criminal record dating back to 1999 and stretching across four states. He has been incarcerated in New Jersey on charges of burglary and escape, later to be arrested for drunk driving assault and several other offenses.

Sonier’s affiliations with neo-Nazi groups has caused some controversy when he attempts to compete in mixed martial arts tournaments. He has been denied several fights, the most recent being the first legalized MMA competition in Maryland on Oct. 24. Anti-racist activists flyered the neighborhood he was last known to reside with his wife Cathy and four children on that day. Having been evicted a month before, he and his wife were also arrested on that day for breaking into their old apartment. It is not known if the arrest took place before or after the flyering. They now live in a predominately Black and Hispanic neighborhood on Tioga Ave. in Philadelphia.

Sonier (0-8-0) has fought three times since Oct. 24, losing each bout. He is reportedly scheduled to fight again on Feb. 6, which will be on internet pay-per-view, and on Feb. 27 at the Arena in South Philadelphia against Brylan Vanartsdalen. It is unclear if Matrix Fights, which is promoting the Feb. 27 bout, knows of Sonier’s neo-Nazi affiliation or if it is of any concern. In a Dec. 2009 interview, Sonier said that he had left the groups behind in 2007, saying, “Basically I saw the ignorance.” Sonier however has been seen in the company of his old colleagues numerous times, most recently during the “Leif Erickson Day Celebration” sponsored by Keystone United on Oct. 10 at Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row.


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