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Well. after three years of getting slapped around either by the law, antifa and each other, the Aryan Guard, a group that the folks over at Stormfront were touting as the future of bonehead excellence and just a year ago thought they were even going to expand out into the US, has now decided to call it quits now that the cops are after them for trying to blow each other up. At this time, the 17-year-old that was wanted in connection with a bombing over the weekend was caught in a Manitoba bus station, but Kyle McKee, one of the founders of the Aryan Guard, is still out there somewhere. Anti-Racist Canada has been following the AG for the three years that they have existed, and we want to send mad props out to them and all the folks who stayed on top of this band of WTFs. Where the various members will land, we will see, but for now the Nazi mallrats are laying low untill all of this bombing stuff blows over. And another one bites the dust.

Anti-Racist Canada

Interesting what a great deal of bad press will do.

We had heard that the Aryan Guard, despite their public bravado, were hurting badly. The bombing seems to have finally killed it. The following statement comes directly from their website:


A Statement from the Aryan Guard In 2006, the Aryan Guard was founded with the intention of giving a unified voice to many average working class Canadians who have been feeling the pinch of third world immigration in their schools, home towns and places of employment. For many of us it was a first attempt at bringing light to political issues that many people see as relevant yet under acknowledged by our government. In the three years that the Aryan Guard was active in Calgary we had the privilege of meeting and working with hundreds of people from all walks of life both in and out of Calgary while receiving support in the forms of letters of encouragement, and cash donations from coast to coast. During our time together we worked fervently to organize such events as the White Pride March, Freedom of Speech Rally, and a number of other political demonstrations and awareness campaigns. We held family camping trips, barbeques and even made a name for ourselves doing karaoke at the local pub. More important than being any organization, we were friends who would stand behind one another no matter what (getting into more than our fair share of trouble as a result.) Time passed on as we grew and learned from our mistakes, standing by one another as we witnessed relationships begin and end; beautiful women turning into beautiful new mothers as they set out to start their own families- sometimes having to drag their future husbands back down to reality. It is unfortunate that things have come down to this. Over the past six months; the group continued to degenerate, falling further from the ideal the main membership body strived for the group to become. The idealists who had pushed for something more from the group finally left, moving on to pursue their ideologies in different outlets. It’s sad to say that in the final months the membership body dissolved, leaving only one founding member, one associate and a few new faces striving for membership in something that they could be proud of The main loyalist body who strived for something more had left and consequently, the negative drawbacks began to spark hotter flame. A boiling point was reached among the group when a bombing attack was launched against the former girlfriend of the obsessed John Marleau- an associate of the Aryan Guard. We were further disappointed when allegations surfaced against one of the founding members for their alleged role in the attack. It’s sad to see how a group founded on the hard work and good intentions of so many can be spoiled by the rash actions of so few. To Kyle and his family we would wish the best of luck, and to the victim of the bombing attack… we sincerely hope that John finds it inside himself to grow up at some point. With that we would like to thank everyone who gave us a shot and who supported us through our three years of activism here in Calgary. With this, The Aryan Guard is officially disbanded.

Interesting how they throw Marleau under the bus. To be fair, he is the main cause for this whole thing even if he isn’t charged. The decision to disband would have been Bill Noble’s decision, as he ran the website.

Now, just because the Aryan Guard is no more, that doesn’t mean we’re done. We still have the individual members. McKee is still on the loose. Marleau is still dragging his fat ass around Calgary. There are the members of W.E.B. whom we’ll now focus more on. And, of course, there’s Bill Noble, a man who should be in prison for violating the terms of his parole the moment he was in a position to do so.

Still, we told you all the Aryan Guard would collapse.

And we were right. Again.


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