NYC: Vigil at the home of Juanita Young – Stand against police terror

After three weeks of attacks by the NYPD (see below), the household and neighbors of Juanita Young live in heightened dread of the next attack. Come for an hour, stay the afternoon, stand with Juanita Young and her family.

November 21, 2009 Saturday afternoon, 12:00pm to 4:00pm
1772 East Tremont Avenue (between St. Lawrence & Commonwealth), Bronx
(Subway: 2/5 train to 180th Street, walk south on 180th Street, then east on East Tremont for two and a half blocks. Bus: Bx40/Bx42)

If you can, please call Juanita at 646-294-8344 before you head over.

Also, if you have not yet signed the petition in support of Juanita, please email info[at] with your name or the name of your


Petition initiated by the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality


Juanita Young’s son, Malcolm Ferguson, was killed by a New York City plainclothes cop on March 1, 2000. Since then Juanita has been deeply involved in the struggle for justice and to stop police brutality.

She and her family have come under repeated assault from members of the NYPD, increasing over this past summer, including a series of illegal raids on her home.

This is outrageous and intolerable. We the undersigned DEMAND THIS IMMEDIATELY STOP!


• November 12, 2009, at 12:30am, plainclothes police broke open the downstairs front door, then started pounding with a police battering ram on the apartment door of Juanita Young and her family. As they did so, all they kept saying was that they were the police and needed to get in, despite Juanita and her kids repeatedly asking them why they were there. After they busted the door open, they handcuffed Juanita and others and threw them on the floor, kicking and beating Juanita and her younger son Buddy.

When Juanita began having an asthma attack, they initially prohibited Juanita’s daughter from getting an asthma pump to her mother, stating that they would wait for an ambulance to arrive. They searched the apartment, claimed they found drugs in “a room,” and took Buddy away in cuffs, explaining that he fit the description for a robbery incident. Later in court the charges against Buddy included nothing but bogus marijuana charges. According to police at the 43rd precinct, it was the Anti-Crime Unit that invaded Juanita’s home.

• November 3, 2009, a little before 6:00am, police broke open the downstairs door and ordered Juanita to open her apartment door, saying they heard someone was injured in the apartment. Juanita told them no one was hurt, and they eventually left.

• October 27, 2009, about 6:00am, five plainclothes police raided Juanita’s home. They threatened to break down her door, climbed in through her bathroom window, put a gun in Juanita’s face and took away her son Buddy. The cops justified this by citing a warrant but refusing to show it or say what the warrant was for. It was later determined there was a warrant for failing to appear in court for a Desk Appearance Ticket on October 13th, which in fact is not a legal justification for

• August 8, 2009, During a cookout in her backyard, while Juanita with friends and family, including two grandbabies, were hanging out in front of her building, two plainclothes cops broke open the front door, slammed Juanita’s oldest son up behind the door, and beat him on the head. Over a dozen cops immediately converged in the area. Before he was taken away, while he was on the ground handcuffed, her son JJ was beaten and maced, which was fortunately photographed and the images are available on the Internet.

The police then invaded Juanita’s home, sexually assaulted her older daughter, and arrested everyone inside the apartment. They were all charged with disorderly conduct, and JJ was given half a dozen bogus charges, including assaulting an officer.

• November 2006, After an ambulance call for her daughter, eight cops entered her apartment and jumped Juanita, viciously punching and kicking her. She was arrested and eventually taken to a hospital, where she was handcuffed to the bed for four days, only to be handed a desk appearance ticket on the last day, an hour after a press conference about her attack took place. The bogus charges leveled against her kept changing throughout the two years leading to her trial, but in October 2008, a Bronx jury acquitted Juanita of all charges.

• November 2005, At an anti-war demonstration, after another demonstrator was thrown to the ground at Juanita’s feet and police began beating the demonstrator, one of the cops said, “Get her too” and they arrested Juanita. While in custody she was refused medical attention that she needed for an asthma attack. Afterwards, Juanita was hospitalized for three days and faced criminal charges, but before the date of her arraignment she received notice in the mail that the charges were dropped.

• June 2003, During what was in fact an illegal eviction carried out by the NYPD, Juanita was arrested for trespassing in her own home. One of the arresting officers told her, “No rallies for you today.” She was handcuffed and aggressively pushed out of her apartment and building, falling twice and injuring her arm, then held for 35 hours, shuttled back and forth between five different precincts. At a bench trial in September 2005, Juanita was acquitted of all charges, and in October 2007, a Bronx civil jury determined that the arresting officer used excessive force in her arrest.


All these attacks are outrageous, illegitimate and illegal. We say:

HANDS OFF JUANITA YOUNG! The NYPD must stop this intimidation and harassment of Juanita and her family. Speaking out against police brutality is no crime. But targeting someone in retaliation for speaking out is illegal.

From a statement from Juanita Young to supporters:

“Not only have my rights been violated in the most blatant ways, but I feel physically and psychologically terrorized. I fear for my safety, my very life, and the lives of my children and grandchildren.” (October 29, 2009)

We refuse to allow Juanita Young, this fighter against police brutality and injustice, to stand alone against this onslaught.

We demand:

1: The NYPD stop its persecution of Juanita Young.

2: Bronx DA Robert Johnson investigate the role of the 43rd Precinct in this persecution.

3: An investigation of the Warrant Squad, particularly the instructions given to them and their conduct in serving the warrant at Juanita Young’s apartment on October 27th.


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