NYC: 3 Solidarity Events Thursday: Dr. Siddiqi, Lynne Stewart, Palestine

We are ALL very busy activists and fighters. So attending each of these events might not be possible but NONE of them conflict in time or the issues involved with each other. So by spreading the word we will help to maximize support.

Solidarity with 2 women facing U.S courts THURS.
Same Court Building, 2 Different cases

Next Court Date for Dr Aafia Siddiqi:
THURS, Nov. 19
at 2:30 p.m.
Federal Court, 500 Pearl Street, Worth & Baxter, Manhattan, New York

As in the past, Judge Berman is likely to force Dr Aafia Siddiqi to endure another humiliating and very painful strip search to come to court. She still has serious injuries. This Pakistani woman doctor, educated in U.S., has been tortured and held for 5 years in almost total isolation, first in Afghanistan and now in the U.S. Come to show support. Ask at Security Desk for Judge Berman’s court room.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

THURS Nov 19 – at 4:30, again for People’s Lawyer Lynne Stewart!
IN FRONT of Federal Court Building, Worth & Baxter

Lynne Stewart called the IAC with this latest update:

She has just been notified by Judge Koeltl to surrender tomorrow, to begin serving her sentence.

She is to turn herself in at the Federal Court Building, the entrance is at Worth and Baxter. This is the back side of the Federal court building at 500 Pearl St..- a block from Foley Square.

On Tues and Wed as the shocking news of 2nd Circuit decision that Lynne’s bail be revoked and she be taken into custody many, many people came to Foley Square to stand with Lynne.

Lynne’s lawyers will try to appeal this surrender order tomorrow. But now this is the official order.

Lynne has spent her entire career defending the poor and oppressed. She is 70 years old and has had recent bouts with breast cancer.

Come Support Lynne Stewart!!

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THURS at the IAC:
7pm at 55 West 17th St, 5th Floor,
Between 5th & 6th Ave.

A Year After the Gaza Massacre: Where Is the Struggle For Palestine Heading?

Hear Dr. Adel Samara
Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly magazine Kanaan, veteran writer and leading Arab-Palestinian thinker.

Topics he will address:

· Palestine and World Political and Economic Forces

· Is There a Changed Relation Between Israel and the US?

· Why is the “Peace Process” So Vital to the ZionistState?

· Why Does Israel Demand Recognition as a “Jewish State” Now?

· The PLO After Oslo: From Revolution to Authority to Autonomy. What Is Its Future?

· What Choices Do Palestinians Have?

Sponsored by Al-Awda NY


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