Review of The Oppressed/The Prowlers DVD

From Profane Existence:

“Back in 2005, Insurgence Records had a fifth-anniversary party in Toronto. Not content to just sit back and let this milestone pass by, Insurgence brought in the almighty antifascist skinhead legends The Oppressed all the way from Wales for their one and only North American show, plus Montreal’s mighty Prowlers as an added bonus. As you can expect, the show was sold out as skins and punks from across the continent flooded the streets of Toronto. I was supposed to go, but it fell through. I was disappointed, as were countless others.

Thankfully, Insurgence did the right thing and put the Oppressed and the Prowlers performances onto DVD for us poor bastards who missed out. This disc features both bands’ sets in their entirety shot with multi-cameras and recorded live off the soundboard. The footage is great, the sound is perfect. Both bands put on a stellar performance. I was hoping for some bonus features though, but there aren’t any. Oh well, the bands stand up well enough on their own! (DI)”

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