Alerta Network

In November 2007 we founded this international network against the racist tendecies on the terraces.

We are Anti-racist Fans, as we fight on the streets so we also do it in the stadium. Everyday. Our network starts as an international group, bringing together different fanscenes of different parts of the world, united in solidarity and the struggle for a better situation. We are supporters, seeing ourselves as an integral part of our sports and not as customers, we are active and not just consuming, loud and not sleeping.

We are awake: We fight against the repression that tries to destroy our culture, the Xenophobia we see on the terraces and the whole wrong situation in the surroundings of football. We understand our network as an growing idea, a spirit and a movement, and so we are looking forward to more and more groups joining us in our fight.

See you on the barricades or on the terraces,



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3 responses to “Alerta Network

  1. victor molinas

    Hello! Good job ! im a catholic boy froim argentina; union santa fe supporter. have u or exist someone problem between the “antifacist” ideology and religious ideology? im sorry 4 my bad english, thanks

  2. Спасибо за интересную статью! 🙂

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